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Monolith Baffle®

There is the FAMET S.A. offer of new, innovative heat exchanger
with baffles made on the basis of its own patented solution.

The modern Monolith Baffle® makes possible to flow of the medium in the shell side heat exchanger along the tube bundle in longitudinal way therefore the pressure drop is minimized and heat exchange efficiency is increased in compare with heat exchangers equipped with traditional segmental baffles. Also, the tube bundle vibration are completely eliminated.

Fabrication of Monolith Baffle® is based on modern machining technology which is used to obtain a complex set of tube holes pattern.

Monolith Baffle® is the product of FAMET research and development works in connection with FEM calculation techniques of ANSYS Fluent.

New technology involved in the construction of the Monolith Baffle® heat exchanger is the next step of evolution of "grid" type baffle heat exchangers which are used by FAMET and other producers for power plant as well as for chemical and petrochemical industries applications.

A presentation of the new type of heat exchanger is available on the attached animation.
Publication date: 29-04-2020

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